How to Sharpen Throwing Knives

A knife is a basic and useful tool for home in cooking and for the hunters in the woods. Throwing knives are also used in specific martial arts, circus and sports. Knives facilitate us in many ways but on a condition if they are sharp enough to hit the target. This article will guide you that how can you sharpen a knife.

Sharpening the Throwing Knife

Knife throwing is an art and technique which has been A knife is a basic and useful tool for home in cooking and for the hunters in the woods. used from centuries so there are dozens of methods which can be used for the sharpening of throwing knives. With the advancement of technology modern ways and blades are available but old methods of sharpening throwing knives are still practiced.

For the sharpening of a throwing knife you will need a knife sharpener it could be a stone. There are many knife sharpeners available but if you have an expensive and precious knife you must choose a sharpener complimenting your knife. Better not to go for a very fancy sharpener.

Lubricate the Sharpener

Before getting it done, pour little amount of mineral water or oil on the flat surface of stone/sharpener. Lubrication is recommended for better results and safety as they will reduce the heat which is emitted by rubbing of the throwing knife over the stone surface.

Start with the rough side

While you start sharpening your knife, start with the rough side. The side which is rough among the both is visible but if can’t see it check it by rubbing the thumb over it and start with that side. The techniques used in sharpening can make the knife worst or the best throwing knife.

Place the throwing knife on the stone and raise it to an angle of 30 to 35 degree. Put a light pressure on it and move it forward to backward. Repeat it 3 o 4 times and then check either the blade is getting sharp or not. You can check it by rubbing the thumb over the blade.

Sharpen it at the right angle.

Some people put heavy weight and effort on the blade while sharpening to make it too sharp but that does not work at all. Right angle and slight pressure over it is the best practice for sharpening a throwing knife. More details here:

Better to place the blade on a flat surface or table as it will be convenient for you to do the sharpening. Then keep on rubbing the first side of the blade over the stone in the forward and backward direction for 10 to 12 times again.

Turn over the knife and repeat the same process for the either side. Make sure the angle and pressure are right, so the whole work will go right.

In the old times the hunters used to sharpen their knives with the rocks and stones found in the woods and ways which depicts that what tool are you using is less important than the way are you doing, as it a technique. To make your throwing knife the best throwing knife always use lubricant before sharpening it as it will not let the blade of the knife get much heated up.